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Past Master

These products are suitable for any brother who has passed through the East and earned the title of Past Master. There are two main varieties of Past Master products, those with the compass, quadrant and square and those with only the compass and quadrant. Some jurisdictions reserve the former variety for Past Grand Masters while other (most) jurisdictions allow either to be used for Past Masters. Search for the squareless tag to just see the second variation. We also have an entire department dedicated to Past Master regalia.
Past Master Logo w/ Square Past Master Logo w/o Square

Trim Pieces

Past Master

Past Master Trim 362443 Past Master Trim 4mm x 8mm $59.00 Add To Cart
Past Master Trim 362442 Past Master Trim 4mm x 6mm $59.00 Add To Cart
Past Master Trim 362441 Past Master Trim 5.5mm x 6mm $69.00 Add To Cart
Past Master Trim 362322 Past Master Trim 9.75mm x 9.25mm $89.00 Add To Cart
Past Master Trim 362444 Past Master Trim 9mm x 9mm $119.00 Add To Cart
Past Master Trim 362448 Past Master Trim 13.5mm x 14mm $189.00 Add To Cart
Past Master Trim 362445 Past Master Trim 9.5mm x 10.5mm $189.00 Add To Cart
Past Master Trim 362447 Past Master Trim 12.5mm x 13mm $229.00 Add To Cart
Past Master Trim 362446 Past Master Trim 12.5mm x 12.5mm $229.00 Add To Cart

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